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Rolando Cordoba was born on May 6th, 1954 in Habana, Cuba. From a young age, he studied painting and sculpture, later deepening his knowledge of the plastic arts by going into the school of graphic design, illustration and photography.

Starting in 1972, he has been a part of over 30 painting, drawing, and graphic design showings in various countries. He was recognized as one of the most versatile young artists in Cuba because of his continuous work in the design of album covers, books, logos, poster design and illustrations in various techniques.

In 1983, Cordoba began his career in photography with over 20 awards to his work already and the participation in 19 personal expositions in Cuba, Spain, Poland, Puerto Rico, Germany, Czechoslovakia, Portugal, Hungary, Switzerland, Costa Rica, Italy, Russia, Mexico, Canada, England, the United States, Venezuela and Colombia to his name. Nearing the end of 1986 he was invited to found the photography cathedra in the ISDI (Superior Design Institute of Cuba) where he designed study plans and taught the subject of photography at a graduate level.

In 1987, after interacting and taking photographs for months in an old people's home of Spanish origin, he received the "Award to Photographic Essay Casa de las Americas 1987" (one of the most important distinctions that could be awarded to a Latin-American photographer) for his essay "Eternal Travelers". His photographic essay was published as a book by the Spanish Institute of Spanish Immigration with excellent criticism and response. In 1989, he's given an AIAP (International Association of Plastic Artists) membership in UNESCO.

In 1991, he traveled to Venezuela after he was invited by the Caracas Athenaeum to expose his series "Walk with me", which was reviewed by the press as "a memorable example of photography". From that year on, he lived in Venezuela and explored his work in the publicity field by creating images for campaigns, posters, magazines and catalogues and being introduced to audiovisual production for video and TV.

In the year 2000, he travels to Mexico co-founded by the Workshop International Productions agency and located his work studies in the World Trade Center of Mexico City until 2002, when he decided to settle in the country's southwest. He transitioned his work into tourism campaigns for the State, which culminated with his book: "Quintana Roo on the way" as commissioned by the administration. After this immersion in Mexico's southwest, he uploaded the most complete photo stock of the region to stockmexico.com and made it available to the public.

At the beginning of 2005, he travels to Merida, Yucatan, where he collaborated with various publicity agencies. In 2009, Cordoba became a professor of photography in the Marista University of Merida. He is simultaneously called to collaborate with the most important architecture firms of the region and quickly became recognized as one of the most important architecture photographers in Mexico. His photography and portfolios have appeared in a variety of books edited by CEMEX and his work is still published in magazines like Millenium, Colombia; arquiTEKA, Mexico; habitad, Mexico; D&D Architecture, Argentina; Ambientes, Mexico; Case di Campagnia, Italy and Space, Japan, among others.

In 2013, Cordoba settles in St. Petersburg, Florida and, in that same year, he exposed his work in the Feathered Serpent Gallery of that same city. Two years later, Cordoba retires to Bradenton where he lives today, and divides his free time between painting, illustration and outdoor photography.

Contacto: rolandocorcabeza@hotmail.com / rolandopublisher@gmail.com / www.stockmexico.com